Academic Decathlon heads to second scrimmage of the year

Kirthi Gummadi

Kirthi Gummadi, WTV Executive Producer

Academic Decathlon (ACDEC) will be competing in their second meet of the year tomorrow.

“Academic Decathlon is an academic competition where students compete in ten events, so there’s math, science, social science, literature, economics, art, music, and subjectives, which are essay, speech and interview,” ACDEC advisor Holley Mosley said. “So we have nine students that are selected for the team based on their GPA, so we have some students with a high GPA, medium GPA, and low GPA, and those students compete against each other. And as a team if our team scores high enough we advance on so students can win individual awards and we can win team awards.”

For students hoping to make the team, this is more than just a usual meet.

“This Saturday’s ACDEC competition is really important. It’s actually an internal district scrimmage,” Mosley said. “But this is the one we use the scores from to set our team, so it’s kinda like our cuts.”

Senior Logan Schaefer is ready for the challenge the competition brings.

“I’m pretty excited for Saturday’s competition,” Schaefer said. “It’s gonna show me what I really need to work on or focus on for the next few competitions and see where I kinda rank amongst my peers.”