Springing into the season, Valorant Varsity sets sight on nationals


Vaughn Christopher

The eSports Valorant Varsity team, consisting of Mr. Chris Ham, Arjun Naik, Rayaan Khan, Jay Youn, Grayson Farese, Jerry Bui, Rishi Naik, and Vaughn Perez, begin practice for the spring season starting Monday. The team maintains high hopes for advancing to the National Championships in Arlington at the close of the year.

Vaughn Christopher, Guest Contributor

The Valorant Varsity team begins practice for the upcoming spring season in the High School Esports League, which starts on Monday. With sights still set on the national championship in Arlington in the end, the team is looking to have a more successful season compared to their previous fall season.

“I got five new players alongside a remaining player from last year and these are the type of players I want in my team. These guys accept criticism, constantly try to push each other to win, and practice a lot outside of our scrims,” coach, senior Jerry Bui said. “I look to change up the team mentality, work ethic, prove that what we do is competitive, and add two first-place trophies to the case we have near the gyms.”

One of his new players for spring, junior Jay Youn, shares Bui’s sentiment and hopes that he can bring a sense of reliability for his team.

“I hope to bring a playstyle that’ll strongly support the foundation of our team and how we function,” Youn said. “With the role I’m playing, I need to make sure that I can be a player that my teammates can rely on.” 

Competing against schools across the country and for opportunities to grow from this experience is what has junior Grayson Farese excited about the new season. 

“I’m looking forward to seeing how other high school teams compete as I haven’t had much experience with other players of my skill level in high school,” Farese said. “Personally, I want to get as good as I can and hopefully join a non high school team over summer but, as a team we are going to do as much as we can with the goal of first place.”