Campus technology refresh begins

Karina Grokhovskaya

Karina Grokhovskaya, WTV Producer

Out with the old and slow, and in with the new and fast.

After five years the school is getting a technology upgrade and the WTV/Wingspan newsroom is the first to get this new tech.

Included in the new upgrade is 30 new iMacs with updated software, touch ID keyboards, and wireless mouses.

The new computers were removed and installed all under 2 hours with at least 10 Frisco ISD tech crew helping out.

For Wingspan adviser Brian Higgins having the new computers allows for less time spent waiting.

“Well I’m super excited because the old Macs don’t work well with Adobe Premiere Pro our editing system, which is the reason why a lot of times the daily update is not done when it needs to be,” Higgins said. “Because if I don’t start the computers right when I get in it really slows down the producers so we are incredibly excited about these new computers.”

For executive producer Cooper Ragle being able to have updated computers allows for this last semester to be run more smoothly.

Getting new computers is gonna be a huge benefit a, huge help and it’s really going to help this last semester to run much more smoothly and get our content out much more easily,” Ragle said.

This new technology will ideally have a big impact on the journalism program.

“Hopefully it will make a big impact it may not be an impact that is seen by everyone but it will definitely impact all the journalism classes that I have,” Higgins said.