Student artists put their talent on display at VASE


Aaron Boehmer

The Texas Art Education Association (TAEA) has awarded Frisco ISD the 2023-24 District of Distinction Award for the fifth year in a row. This puts Frisco ISD in the top 1.3% of all visual art programs across the state.

Hannah Beeler, Staff Reporter

Students will be showcasing their artistic talents this Saturday virtually at the Visual Art Scholastic Event.

”Vase is an art competition where all grades and art levels compete,” senior Michelle Jaeger said. “All the pieces that score a perfect score go to the gym to be seen by judges that decide if it goes to state, but now being online it’s a bit different. We don’t need to talk to the judges, instead we just fill out the written forms online and submit our photos.”

All submissions will be judged digitally this year.

“Most students have been working on their submissions at least since early January,” art teacher Fred Rodriguez said. “I would say, some have even been working on them much longer than that.”

Students have the option to submit more than one piece.

“I submitted 2 pieces this year,” Jaeger said. “The first piece I created titled Self-Assessment was created with a white charcoal pencil on black paper. My other piece titled Ambrosia was created with multiple materials and is more like a collage.”

Many believe that the competition give them a chance to grow as an artist.

“This is my third year doing vase,” junior Arthith K.S. said. ”It always feels challenging but it’s interesting to see my growth over the years.”