Order on the court


Addy Schick

Taking the court on Friday, Tennis prepares for the Reedy Tennis Tournament. Looking for wins in singles and doubles, the team is excited to continue their spring season.

Addy Schick, Sports Reporter

Headed to the Reedy Tennis Tournament Friday, the Redhawks tennis team is hoping to come back to The Nest with wins in singles and doubles.

“I have a big match in the finals today,” junior Snijheeve Rao said. “The matches leading up to it aren’t particularly challenging, but I’m really excited to play. I’ve been playing well this entire week and I hope to bring the same form to this tournament and take home the title.”

With every game comes challengers, and with winds up to 25 miles per hour on Friday, freshman Haliley Zhang is still confident. 

“Because it’s super windy and that might affect my performance,” she said.  “Overall though I think that I’ll do pretty good and possibly win the whole thing.”