Softball looks to stop the Knights


Michael Martin

Junior Emily Aronson waits for the ball to strike the bat, hoping to get an out for her team. With redemption on the minds of the Redhawks, the team is fired up.

Addy Schick, Sports Reporter

Facing Independence in their first home game, the Redhawk softball team is ready to take the field, hoping to bounce back from an opening loss to Memorial on Tuesday.

“The goals for that game is to score, to score a lot of runs to basically just wake up our bats a little bit more and to keep our positive attitudes,” head coach Jill Bradshaw said. “That we have and ultimately get a win. Our biggest challenge is just I think our age. Just being young, and working together, and just battling, coming in ready to fight.”

Freshman Adeline Glatch thinks the Redhawks’ hitting abilities will be in their favor today.

“I think our biggest strength is that we are going to have good quality at-bats, because this pitcher that we are about to face is not one of the best,” Glatch said. “I think that we have a good chance as long as we stick together.”