Tennis takes talent to Prosper tournament


Addy Schick

In their first district match of the season Redhawk Tennis fell short, losing to the Frisco Racoons on Wednesday. “It was a hard-fought match, as expected,” tennis coach Neil Grobler said.

Addy Schick, Sports Reporter

Having played their last tournament 21 days ago, the Redhawk tennis team has been getting ready to get back into their season with the Prosper Tournament Friday. 

“So we have been trying to get as much work in class as we can,” head coach Erica Dopson said. “Also what they can get outside of school as well on days the weather hasn’t been as nice as we had hoped for. So hopefully that is paying off, and then well just seeing when we play these next couple tournaments.”

Playing doubles, junior Wyatt Haggard hopes to pull off a win.

“To win,” he said. “To have a lot of teamwork in the tournament, and win in doubles. I’m hoping I’ll perform pretty well. My doubles partner is Vick, and he is pretty good and well hopefully win.”

After the long break, coach Dopson hopes the tournament is a learning experience and to improve on their abilities.

“So I guess our goals for the players are to keep improving and you know ultimately winning or learning every time they go on the court,” she said. “And we like to stay instead of winning or losing they are winning or learning.