Girls’ basketball bounces out of playoffs


Addy Schick

Cheering each other on from the sidelines, girls’ basketball is proud of their efforts this season. Although moving further in playoffs was the team’s ultimate goal, building lifelong bonds with teammates is the best reward according to the players.

Kaden Groom, Sports Reporter

Looking for its fourth straight trip to the UIL 5A state tournament, the girls’ basketball team faced off against two opponents in 5A Region II tournament in Garland.

On Friday, that meant the Redhawks came up with an impressive win against Red Oak, the state’s #20 team in 5A.

Starting off the game with a 20-2 lead, the team played lock down defense against the Hawks, while being able to convert on the offensive end and cruise to a 56-27 win.  

The Redhawks were paced by sophomore Keyera Roseby and senior Jazzy Owens-Barnett, both finishing with 19 points in the win.

It’s the sadness of not being able to lace it up with this group again,

— head coach Ross Reedy

After beating Red Oak, the team advanced to play in the Region II championship on Saturday against a familiar face, the Memorial Warriors.

The teams had already faced off four times leading into Saturday’s matchup, splitting the season series with 2-2. 

Throughout three quarters of play, the Redhawks had a lead and were playing solid basketball.

Although they trailed, the Warriors did not waiver. Coming from behind, they clinched their first trip to state with a 43-35 win as the Redhawks scored just four points in the fourth quarter. 

At no point had it been easy,

— Reedy

“Besides the obvious feelings that come with not doing the things you set out to accomplish,  it’s the sadness of not being able to lace it up with this group again,” girls head coach Ross Reedy said. “Even if you win the last game you don’t feel a whole lot different.”

Knowing this game would not be easy, the team was still prepared due to the trials they had faced in the past.

“At no point had it been easy,” Reedy said. “You play with a certain level of expectation but also a certain level of respect for the people you’re going against. I’m really proud of this group.”