Trail Blazers stopped in their tracks


Courtesy of Redhawk Softball

Soaring out of their loss streak, the Redhawks were able to pull out a win on Tuesday against the Trail Blazers. After going 0-18 last season and beginning this year with a 0-2 record, the team is proud of their accomplishments.

Addy Schick, Sports Reporter

Taking on Lebanon Trail Tuesday, the Redhawks softball team won their first District 9-5A game of the 2022 season. 

“The kids played really good and working together helped,” head coach Jill Bradshaw said. “We would get some people on and we would have our leaders step up and we actually performed.”

Attitude on the field is key to a win, and freshman Delila Bond believes that’s what brought the team to victory.

“I think that the team altogether did really good at not letting our mistakes affect us,” she said. “And that we made sure to talk to each other and stay loud in the field and in the dugout. I think that our bond is getting stronger, and we are starting to trust each other and play more like a team now.”