Dividing and conquering: a new strategy


Michael Martin

The Redhawks fly solo headed into their meets Thursday and Saturday. Looking to divide and conquer in order to see their desired outcome, the team has their sights set on success.

Michael Coppinger, Sports Reporter

The Redhawks track team is hoping to divide and conquer as they take on several North Texas meets, including the Colony Cougar Invitational on Thursday and the Norris/Robertson Relays on Friday and Saturday,

Though the team is splitting up for the weekend, the focus remains the same. For senior Juan Arce, track’s heat-based structure builds a tolerance for these types of scenarios, but the competition between teammates will be missed out on.

“My goal is usually to beat all of my teammates who are running with me,” Arce said. “When we’re in different heats we support each other by yelling our heads off, and we can’t do that as much this weekend.”

From the other perspective, the team’s temporary separation allows athletes to concentrate their focus on certain areas of the competition. For mid and long distance runner Fernando Levya-Montiel, it is beneficial to place additional emphasis on Thursday’s wave of competition, specifically.

“I can’t speak for the entire track group but I just know that for the distance group we’re just focusing more on Thursday’s meet because it has more competition in our events,” Levya-Montiel said. “My goal is to PR in the 1600 and 800 and get a good place against opponents in our area and district.”