Tied for 7th, softball pushes on


Michael Martin

Halfway through the first round of District 9-5A play, softball looks to catch their second win of the season. With a win already under their belt, the team knows what they need to do to boost their record.

Addy Schick, Sports Reporter

Coming off two losses, the Redhawk softball team is trying to break their streak and come back with a win against Wakeland in a District 9-5A home game Tuesday at 7:15 p.m.

“I think it’s gonna be a good game. They got some speed, but I think we will combat against that,” head coach Jill Bradshaw said. “Overall just accomplish those goals we set for ourselves every game going in, and you know ultimately get the win.”

With Wakeland currently in 2nd place, and the Redhawks tied for 7th, beating the Wolverines will be a challenge, but one senior Jillian Bowles is up for it.

“I’m excited to play Wakeland,” she said. “They have decent pitching and decent fielding, but I’m not too sure about their hitting yet. Our defense is really good, like getting those routine plays is super easy for us. We’re ready to put up a fight.”