It’s a hole in one for Redhawk golf

Harley Classe, Sports Editor

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  • Taking first and second in the forney preview, the boys’ golf team is proud of their efforts. With the girls not far behind, the teams are eager to see what the remainder of the season brings.

  • Sophomore Phillip Sun reads his putt on the 4th green. Sun shot a cumulative score of 90 for the day.

  • Sophomore Kaden Crocetti drops this 4-footer for par on the 4th hole. Crocetti shot a cumulative score of 79 for the day.

  • Senior Thaxton Nelson watches his chip shot on the par-4 4th hole. Nelson shot a cumulative score of 80 for the day.

  • Freshman Brodie Batjer cleans up for par with his putt on the 4th green. Batjer shot a cumulative score of 76 for the day.

  • Senior Mitchell Kalka taking his tee shot on a par-4 6th. Swinging into the competition Wednesday, the team is determine to do their best.

  • Senior Blake Spencer follows through on his approach shot on the 3rd hole. Spencer shot a cumulative score of 82 for the day.

  • Sophomore Anuj Sinha sets up for his par putt on the 1st green. Sinha shot a cumulative score of 77 for the day.

  • Senior Bryson Swallow started his round off on the number one green. Swallow shot a cumulative score of 88 for the day.

It was a busy Tuesday for Redhawk golf with the boys’ team taking on the Forney Preview at Rusted Rail Golf Course while the girls’ teed things up at Sherrill Park No. 1 in their District 9-5A preview.

Due to the number of athletes competing on the boys’ side, the Redhawks were split amongst two teams, Red Team who took 1st and Black Team who took 2nd. 


Red Team:

Mitchell Kalka – 75

Bryson Swallow – 88

Anuj Sinha – 77

Brody Batjer – 76

Total – 316


Black Team:

Blake Spencer – 82

Thaxton Nelson – 80

Kaden Crocetti – 79

Phillip Sun – 90

Total – 331


“I went into the tournament just focusing on hitting the greens and fairways,” Swallow said. “I’d only played 2 times in the past week because of spring break so I didn’t put every expectation of myself into this tournament.”

While Swallow did not meet his expectations, he is looking at his performance with an open mind as he is excited to see his future growth.

“Certain parts of my golf game were pretty good but my putting was off and caused me to perform to not my best ability,” Swallow said. “I evaluate what was wrong and I go to the golf course and putt for hours a day trying to improve that aspect of my game.”

On the other hand, the girls’ did not see similar results.

“We split the squads, so one group was 4th and the other group was 6th,” coach Adam Davidson said. “12 teams total. If we wouldn’t have split the squad we would have won.”

Although the team did not place as high as expected, senior Anika Patel is proud of their efforts.

“I think we all did give our best effort but we definitely need to work on some refining for the next two weeks before districts,” Patel said. “Personally I could’ve done much better if I was more careful and more patient with some decisions but I think overall we all did pretty well and just need to focus on more consistency.”