Lions cage the Redhawks


Courtesy of Redhawk Softball

Softball opens up district play against the Mavericks on Tuesday. ”Winning is a lot more important in district games,” junior Madison Terry said.

Addy Schick, Sports Reporter

The Redhawks softball team wasn’t able to get the results they wanted when they hit the road Friday, losing 16-1 to Reedy in a District 9-5A game.

“We played four innings, but the score was not in our favor obviously,” head coach Jill Bradshaw said. “But I feel like we performed better against the good Reedy team. We got some good hits, but  just not all together to actually accomplish the runs that we needed.”

Reedy was a challenge, but also a learning experience for what the team could improve on according to freshman Delila Bond.

“I think that we did a lot better than we expected we were going too, and learned a lot,” she said. “I think we did ok feilding wise. Just getting the cuts from the outfield we could improve on, and talking a little bit more. But we really just need to improve on and work on our bats and get some hits.”

Even though the Lions jumped on the Redhawks early, Bond says the team never stopped fighting.

“I think that the team did well with not just giving up towards the end even though we were losing,” Bond said. “And even though the team did lose, I feel like the team just never really gave up completely and we kinda just played until the end.”