Baseball remembers the Titans, and how to beat them


Michael Martin

Baseball steps off the plate as they wrap up a game against the Centennial Titans. The week is not over for the team yet as they gear up for their next game Friday.

Michael Coppinger, Sports Reporter

Baseball continued their success against the Centennial Titans at Emerson on Tuesday, climbing to a 6-2 victory. 

Junior outfielder/2B Ryan Healy was among those with key hits along the course of the game; he believes that staying relaxed under pressure is essential to these types of performances.

“I was just hoping to get hard contact and put something in play,” Healy said. “I really wasn’t thinking too much, besides that. I’m just trying to have a simple approach and not do too much with my body.”

The calmed approach is just one of many mental adjustments that the Redhawks have made in the face of early-season adversity. For junior 3B Cooper Wixon, the determination required to win is something that has been especially present in recent practices.

“We’re trying to concentrate more on things we’ve struggled with and be better for the next games,” Wixon said. “I think we’re a lot more focused on the important parts of our game and that will help us play as well as we can.”