Redhawks fail to bat off competition


Courtesy of Redhawk Softball

The softball team hits the field again on Friday as they face the Centennial Titans. The team is coming a loss to Memorial, and they are hoping for redemption.

Addy Schick, Sports Reporter

In their first game in the second half of District 9-5A play, the Redhawks softball team was not able to get a win on Friday, losing to the Memorial Warriors 12-0.

“Not great, we could have done better,” junior Emily Aronson said. “We could have performed better on the hitting, because her pitching was not that good. We had good defense in stopping them before they got loads of runs in the 4th inning.”

The Redhawks were trailing by 5 until the 4th inning when the Warriors scored 7 to close out the game.

“I think that we played them a lot better, we just struggled with one inning,” Binyon said. “I believe it was the 4th inning they got 7 runs on us. We just compounded a couple little errors in the field mixed with some missed spots on pitching and they just really took it to us and their bats came alive.”