Redhawk tennis looks to serve wins


Addy Schick

Hot off of back to back tournaments, the Redhawks conclude their weekend. Looking past Districts, the Redhawks prepare to conclude their season.

Haley Ward, Sports Reporter

Redhawk tennis hits the court Tuesday and Wednesday when they head to the Z Plex Center in Melissa for the District 9-5A tournament.

Coming off of a win in Friday’s tournament at Rockwall High School, junior Milla Dopson feels confident going into Tuesday and Wednesday’s matches. 

“On Friday, my partner [Sanjheev Rao] and I played really well and ended up winning the tournament,” Dopson said. “We wanted to work on closing the net more so we could be offensive instead of defensive.”

The singles and doubles are aiming for wins in the district tournament, to prepare them for the Regional II Tournament in April.  

“On Friday we won the girl singles. We won the mixed and it was a good day,” head coach Erica Dopson. “We had some tough matches, but we did well. Everybody was back today except for one. We’re having some tough rounds, but we’re winning our singles. We won one of them so we’re doing pretty well.”