Coyotes could not be caged


Courtesy of Redhawk Softball

Aiming their focus at the Heritage Coyotes, the Redhawks walk out of their game Monday with a loss. Hoping to bounce back, the team hits the field to practice before their next game Friday.

Addy Schick, Sports Reporter

Taking on the Centennial Titans on Monday night, the Redhawks softball team fell short, losing 18-4.

“It was a tough loss,” freshman Ainslee Palmer said. “We could have done better. We just made a lot of errors and silly mistakes. I feel like after each play we could have been more prepared for the next. We just seemed to be in our heads. But besides that we had good quality at bats.”

With a thunderstorm hitting the DFW area Monday night, the Redhawk softball team found themselves toughing it out through the rain. 

“It started raining during the 3rd inning,” freshman Adeline Glatch said. “But, the game continued, even though it was pouring. It was really hard for me to pitch through the rain, but getting to slide onto the plates was fun.”