Softball strikes out


Addy Schick

Sliding out of a game Tuesday, the Redhawks are facing a loss. Hoping to bounce back Friday, the team heads back out to get more practice in.

Addy Schick, Sports Reporter

Celebrating their seniors Tuesday at home versus Reedy, the Redhawks softball team did not get the results they wanted, losing 15-0.

“I think that the results were not how we expected,” freshman Delila Bond said. “I think we can improve on knowing what the next play is and backing each other up. But overall it was a fun night, celebrating our seniors.”

With only one more game left in the season on Friday, senior Maegan Shannon is going to miss her fellow teammates.

“Senior Night was amazing,” she said. “ It was a lot of fun and it was set up perfectly. All us seniors really enjoyed ourselves. I’m definitely going to miss my teammates that I get to play with, and being with them everyday.”