The effect of texting on language

Saachi Kuchu, WTV Staff Reporter

Abbreviations and slang making texting friends easier, however it can often bleed into academic and professional circumstances which may not be ideal in all situations.




On social media or as a text, shortcuts are acceptable and expected.

But it may not be best when it comes to emailing teachers, counselors, or other staff members, with students often sending emails that have informal language, inappropriate tone, or lack proper information which can put students in a bad light.

“It makes students come across as being rude and unprofessional, so we really work on coaching students on how to respond to teachers in email because that’s a future-ready skill,” social studies teacher Sarah Wiseman said.

But it’s not just emails that can be an issue as students also often make grammar and spelling mistakes in their academic writing.

“I think it’s just autocorrecting in texting and it happens sometimes with adults too where you just become dependent on like the phone to autocorrect your like there their they’re or if you don’t have to press like up to capitalize it just automatically capitalize at the start of your sentence so I really do think it mostly comes down to autocorrect,” social studies teacher Emily Griffin said.

To prevent making these mistakes, Griffin suggests reading and writing more.

“I think students just need to read. Read books,” Griffin said. “And I think that’s for everything, that for becoming a better writer, that’s for spelling punctuation. I think we become so used to listening and talking, that we’re not reading enough, just as in general as a society, even adults. So reading and then also journaling. I think people forget that not all writing has to be like a timed formal thing at school, that you can have fun writing, and even just like little reflections and that’s always fun to look back on anyway. ”

However, it may not be something many students consciously realize they are doing.

“ I usually rely on autocorrect to catch my spelling errors and everything,” junior Lilya Ma said. “So when I write on a canvas assignment and I don’t have to autocorrect sometimes I feel hindered cause it’s not there when I usually rely on it so my spelling it’s usually that great on Canvas assignments but part of it I feel like it’s not like I don’t know how to spell, it’s just that I type it wrong and I don’t realize so I go ahead without realizing I typed something wrong ”