Featured Athlete: Malia Willingham


Courtesy of Malia Willingham

Wingspan’s featured athlete for 4/28, featured on the left, is cheerleader sophomore Malia Willingham.

Harley Classe, Sports Editor

Wingspan: When did you start cheer and how long have you been in cheer?

Willingham: “I started cheering in 7th grade so I’ve been in school cheer for about 4 years now.”

Wingspan: Why did you start cheerleading?

Willingham: “I started cheer because it has always interested me and as soon as I got into school cheer, I knew this was going to be something I would stick with.”

Wingspan: Who is your biggest inspiration?

Willingham: “My biggest inspiration is my dad. He is always serving others and has a kind heart towards everyone.”

Wingspan: What goals do you have next year?

Willingham: “Some goals I have for next year is to do my best and improve in cheer but also have fun and enjoy my first year on varsity.”

Wingspan: What stunning positions have you done or are you currently?

Willingham: “In middle school, I was a backspot for stunting. Freshman year, I tried side basing and I loved it. I have been a side base ever since then.”

Wingspan: What is your favorite part about cheer?

Willingham: “My favorite part about cheer is all of the activities and events we get to attend. I love cheering at football games and going to special events like special olympics or job fairs. I also love our UIL competition.”

Wingspan: Do you think cheer is a sport?

Willingham: “I think that competitive cheer is a sport and I think that any school cheer team that constantly competes at competitions is a sport.”

Wingspan: What is your favorite memory from cheer?

Willingham: “My favorite memory from cheer is when we compete at our UIL competition. Every year, it is always so much fun and we always feel so connected as a team.”4/4