One Redhawk hits it over the net


Remi Williams

This is what the average volleyball game looks like in high school. However, junior Scott McCord is looking to change the landscape opening the sport to all Redhawks.

Harley Classe, Sports Editor

In Texas, volleyball is a girls’ sport, but one Redhawk felt he was missing out on the opportunity to play and is trying to change that.

Junior Scott McCord is hoping to start a sand volleyball club, not affiliated with Liberty High School or Frisco ISD, for the 2022-2023 school year.

“I started the club because I liked to play sand volleyball and wanted to get a big group of people who could play together and just have fun,” McCord said. 

Members will be given the opportunity to attend events where they can go out and simply play with friends without the pressure of regularly scheduled games or club team requirements.

Looking for inclusivity, McCord is opening the club to all grade levels and a wide range of experience starting at none.

“The best part about the club is that you could have never picked up a volleyball and it’s for all skill levels,” McCord. “My goal is to get a huge group of people to come that are from every grade just to include a lot of people.”

To join the club, prospective members can text lsvc22 to @81010 to join the Remind, or email Scott McCord at