Sports draw their year to a close


Harley Classe

With the school year drawing to a close, Redhawk athletes are marking their time with their respective sport by creating ceiling tiles. These tiles stand to represent the accomplishments of the team.

Addy Schick, Sports Reporter

The girls’ soccer season didn’t end with a playoff run, but seniors on the team are going to be leaving a lasting legacy with personalized ceiling tiles.

“So it’s a tradition that was started before I actually got here as the head coach,” head soccer coach Kyle Beggs said. “I got to experience it my first year here with that coach and that team. It’s just something that allows the girls to kinda show their spirit, and kinda still be a part of the school and still be a legacy once they move on after they have been part of our program.” 

Each girl picks a unique memory from their time in the soccer program to put on their tile. Once painted, the tile gets hung up in the fieldhouse. 

“I did an inside joke of me and my teammates from last year that were seniors so that was unique to me,” senior Kennedy Clontz said. “It is a nice way to leave our legacy.