Seniors celebrate Senior Skip Day

Many seniors are celebrating Senior Skip Day this Friday with a trip to Six Flags.

Eilidh McGarva

Many seniors are celebrating Senior Skip Day this Friday with a trip to Six Flags.

Sarayu Bongale, Guest Contributor

One week of school left, AP exams are almost over, and many seniors are using this opportunity to celebrate their last week of high school by going to Six Flags Over Texas on Friday for Senior Skip Day.

“I am going out of state for college and Senior Skip Day is an opportunity for me to get to spend the day with all my friends from different groups and even classmates one last time,” senior Meghana Manwadkar said. “I’m mainly just looking forward to spending the whole day with my friends and making fun memories with them.”

However, some seniors aren’t going to Six Flags and using this opportunity to do something else they enjoy with their friends.

“I’m watching the Sonic 2 movie with some friends because I didn’t want to be in such a crowded place, and I would prefer hanging out with my friends in a way that we all want to,” senior Sreya Suresh said. “Also one of my friends is coming back this summer, so we want to be able to hang out with him.”

However, with Senior Skip Day coming on the last day of AP testing, not all seniors have the option of going. 

“I have my AP Physics 2 exam that day,” senior Aditya Desai said. “I’m not that disappointed because I’ve been there many times so I’m just going to end up spending my time after the AP test hanging out with my friends that also aren’t going.”

No matter how seniors are planning to spend their day off of school, Suresh is sure this is one  memory they will always enjoy.

“Senior Skip Day will give me a chance to hang out with my friends and just have fun and I’m sure I’ll look back on this memory fondly,” Suresh said. “It’s a good opportunity for all of us to be in one palace because we all head out to different colleges.”