Climate change bringing about detrimental effects to daily life


Juleanna Culilap

Despite understanding its importance, climate change wasn’t something Managing Editor Rin Ryu put much thought into. However, seeing its daily impact sparked a new found interest.

Climate change has always been a topic I never paid much attention to, despite its importance. Although the numerous effects of global warming were known, it never impacted my daily life. I regarded it as a problem for the future. However, climate change is bringing detrimental effects to our daily lives and needs to be tackled before it’s too late.

One of the effects of climate change is the intensity of extreme weather. Although Texas is infamous for its hot summers, this summer broke multiple temperature records. Dallas-Fort Worth broke the record for its all-time hottest daily low temperature during July. 

This is not just a coincidence. Earth’s temperature has risen by 0.14º Fahrenheit per decade since 1880 and has more than doubled since 1981. Although the number may seem minuscule, if the temperature reaches 35.6º F, more than 70% of coastlines worldwide will experience a rise in sea level, ultimately resulting in beach erosion, coastal flooding, displacement, and other devastating impacts on ecological systems.

Because climate change results in more severe weather, homeowners will have to spend more on insurance and electricity. Besides a higher likelihood of flooding from extreme rain, the frequency of droughts and wildfires will rise. Many insurance companies are raising premiums to account for the houses damaged by the effects of climate change. To counter the extreme heat and cold, many rely on air conditioning, raising electricity bills.

Climate change won’t just impact homeowners, our health is also at risk. The warmer seasons worsen air quality and pollen leading to coughing, chest pain, and more intense allergies and asthma attacks. In addition, many will suffer from heat exhaustion, hyperthermia, heat cramps, and heat strokes. As people’s homes are destroyed by unpredictable weather, mental health will also worsen.

Our food and water will also take a hit. The extreme weather will destroy crops and livestock. To counter this, farmers implement expensive equipment to save produce, resulting in higher food prices. In addition, heavy rain can result in water contamination. Sewage and other pollutants may end up in water supplies due to runoff.

These consequences are not something that might happen sometime in the future. These effects are happening now and will continue to worsen. Climate change is not something one person can tackle. Climate change is not something that 1,000 people can tackle. In order to reduce the damages of climate change, the world has to make substantial, sustainable changes.