Redhawks go 3-6 in NISD Volleyball Classic


Steve Juneau

Set to host Rockwall Heath in a redemption match from last year, the Redhawks hope to grow and build connections as a team.

Addyson Schick, Assistant Sports Editor

The volleyball team did not get the results they were looking for this weekend, as they finished fifth in the bronze division of the NISD Volleyball Classic and went 3-6 throughout the tournament.

“I don’t feel great, but we learned a lot,” senior Mandy Duckworth said. “We need to work on our stamina and to finish a long point that is crucial. That is something we struggled with this weekend. Other than that, I am excited and I think our season is gonna go well.”

Despite finishing in fifth in the bronze division, head coach Eighmy Dobbins believes this tournament brought the team together.

“We were really aggressive offensively against some really big blocks,” Dobbins said. “We are getting more confident playing as a team and running a quicker offense.”

Similarly, junior Gabbi Fasciano feels that although the scoreboard did not reflect the desired results, the bonds she formed with her teammates made her a winner.

“When someone gets a really awesome point, we just go crazy cheering each other on,” Fasciano said. “I feel ready to get started with the season, because I love the team and everyone works so well together and it is really fun.”