Football looking to soar against Greenville


Jhelmick Photography

The Redhawks head to Greenville to face the Lions at 7:30 p.m. on Friday. They hope to take home their first win of the season, and come together as a team.

Addyson Schick, Assistant Sports Editor

After a loss to Corsicana in their first game of the season, the football team is hoping to redeem themselves Friday night at 7:30 p.m. in their first away game of the season against the Greenville Lions at Greenville High School. 

“You know we want to win, I mean that’s why you play the game, but you know ultimately its a long season,” head football coach Matt Swinnea said. “And we’ve gotta get better at a few things and we start district next week. I mean this is our last warm up so we’ve gotta tighten up some things we did poorly last week and build on our successes.”

With it only being the second game of the season, the Redhawks are still learning to come together as a team.

“The biggest challenge against Greenville is ourselves,” senior Ethan Ashmore said. “We need to play as a team right from the jump, and not hurt ourselves with penalties. We just need to do our job every play and we’re hoping to win the game and come out on top for our first win of the year.”

According to Swinnea, the Redhawks possess skills the Lions don’t, which could be key to a win on Friday.

“Well I think that you know schematically we do do some things that can cause some trouble for them,” Swinnea said. “So it comes down to being able to execute that, but it’s gonna be interesting to see how they handle our passing game.”