Thespians immerse themselves in a world of theatre


Provided by Mason Classe

Theatre students will participate in the Texas Thespians Festival Thursday through Saturday. The festival serves as an opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the theatre world.

Hannah Beeler, Staff Reporter

From wig making workshops to watching monologues theater students will be immersed in the world of theater as they attend Texas Thespians Festival Thursday through Saturday at the Gaylord Texan.

“A festival where all theater troops from all over Texas come and meet in Grapevine and do master classes, have fun, and just get to be theater kids,” senior Riziki Kiman said.

Students have the opportunity to watch performances as well as perform, attend workshops, talk to college theater programs and more.

“They have this one workshop called gore makeup workshop where you pretty much get to learn how to make things like a fake eyeball look like it’s popping out of your face that I am excited for,” junior Ciara Willis said. “And I’m mostly excited for the dance workshops that they have because they have a lot of different ones.”

Many students will be performing thespies which are performances such as monologues, duets, musicals, dances, show lighting showcases, and more.

“This year the theater productions class are all competing in a thespie,” Kiman said. “I’m excited to compete this year because I have never competed before and to just see how it goes, what I could work on, and how far my piece goes.”

Director Heather Willingham believes the festival will give students the opportunity to experience a larger world of theater. 

“When we’re at school, a lot of times in the theater program, you’re kind of in your own little corner and you forget how many people have interest in this art,” Willingham said. “And you get out there the Thespian Festival among thousands of other people that love theater and you realize that there’s, a family and community of artists out there who are into the same thing you are and it’s a it’s a great way to just connect with those other artists and improve your own skills as an artist.”