Girls’ basketball preps for final games before district play


Addy Schick

The girls’ basketball team saw a win over Lebanon Trail on Friday, holding a 33 point lead. The win keeps the girls in first place in District 10-5A, and brings their overall record to 9-1 in district.

Addy Schick, Assistant Sports Editor

Playing Friday and Saturday, the girls’ basketball team hopes to soar above the DeSoto Eagles and North Forney Falcons.

“I wouldn’t say playing two games in two days is stressful, but it does take a little bit of a toll on the body,” senior Za’Nailha Hensley said. “What I would consider the most stressful part is having to learn how we are playing offensively and defensively against the two teams in a short amount of time.”

With district play starting next week against Memorial, head girls basketball coach Ross Reedy says this week is a prep week.

“We are getting prepared for district next week, so we are gonna treat this week as a good prep week,” Reedy said. “So we will polish up on our game plans tomorrow against DeSoto, learn from that film, and then play North Forney, and polish up from there.”