New Frisco development mixes it up


Michael Martin

Located at the site of the former Wade Park project, plans for a $3 billion community called The Mix have been announced. The expected completion date is in 2026, and the groundbreaking will begin December.

Located at the site of the former Wade Park project, on the Dallas North Tollway and Lebanon Road in Frisco, plans for a $3 billion community called The Mix have been announced with a groundbreaking in December and an expected completion in 2026. 

“The Mix is designed to have something for everybody,” the head of The Mix Development Frisco, Tim Campbell said. “It is going to be a place where people can come and spend the entire day rather than other places where people come, shop and leave.”

The Mix will feature a central park, a community club, commercial and residential living space, hotel and office space, and more. 

The Mix is designed to have something for everybody,

— Head of The Mix Development Frisco Tim Campbell

“It has around 20 acres of green open space, it’s going to have a residential hotel, retail and office space,” Campbell said. ”At the heart of The Mix, we’ve got the central park that’s nine acres, being designed by OJB. It has a performance pavilion, playgrounds and a pond.”  

Advanced architecture student Kathryn Hung believes modern architecture is gaining traction around Frisco which is evident in schools and communities around town. 

“Modern architecture certainly frames Frisco as a more developed and high end place to live which is good for future developments as it will allow buildings to survive longer without becoming outdated,” Hung said. “In schools like Panther Creek and Emerson we really see this, as it focuses more on the incorporation of technology and the health of students and there’s a much greater focus on comfort while still appearing polished.”

Being one of the fastest growing big cities in the country, Mayor Jeff Cheney believes Frisco is the perfect place for The Mix to develop and flourish. 

“We know Frisco’s a can-do city, somewhere you can get something like this done, so you have immediate credibility,” Cheney said. “We’re named the number one place to live, great schools, you know, just kind of a thriving area. It’s a place where people want to live, it’s a place where people want to invest their money, and certainly do business with.” 

According to Hung, modernization in architecture will expedite urbanization in Frisco and The Mix is a good step in the right direction.

“Modern incorporations will also make Frisco feel more ‘big city’ than ‘suburb’ and with current housing developments like the Grove being more modern in terms of material use and room layouts, we’re already moving in that direction,” Hung said. “However, Frisco is quite diverse in terms of architecture as the current era is one of experimenting, so it’s hard to tell what will come next.”

We know Frisco’s a can-do city, somewhere you can get something like this done, so you have immediate credibility,

— Frisco Mayor Jeff Cheney

Partnering with the multifamily and mixed-use developer StreetLights Residential, The Mix will be a health and wellness oriented Fitwell community.

“Fitwell is a national certification that basically certifies that the community is healthy and sustainable living,” Campbell said. “What we’re going to get is the Fitwell community certification which basically certifies the entire development and here are only a handful of these communities and this will be the first one in Texas.” 

A staple in modern architecture, commented Hung, is its incorporation of environmental-friendly sustainability which is the key idea in The Mix project. 

“Modern architecture encompasses sustainability using solar power, geothermal energy and composting/gardens, which is becoming increasingly important in developments,” Hung said. “Such a focus on modern sustainability will also see a shift in the way that materials are used and the way outdoor spaces relate to indoor spaces.”  

Still, some, like AP Environmental Science student Kavan Mehta, have hesitations on the increase in urban developments around Frisco.  

“With urbanization rising in Frisco, there are significant implications to the environment,” Mehta said. “There is an increase in population as there is an influx of people from other areas looking for job opportunities in Frisco and urban development combined with urban sprawl leads to a demand for more housing, land use, and use of resources such as food and water.” 

The Wade Park project was initially launched in 2014 before grinding to a stop in 2017 with minimal work done. However Campbell is ready for The Mix to finish what city leaders pictured for the plot of land. 

We admire what Frisco leaders have achieved and their vision for the future,” Campbell said in a Dallas Morning News article. “We’re all excited to make The Mix a reality and an integral part of the incredible community of Frisco.