Sophomore dives out of districts and into regionals

Wingspan Staff

Flipping and splashing, dive after dive, sophomore Aubrey Henderson and freshman Vihaan Pol tried to score a podium finish at the District 10-5A Diving meet Thursday at the Bruce Eubanks Natatorium.

The day didn’t start out well for Henderson.

“We have a saying in diving that if you have bad warm-ups, then you could be good and my warm-ups were awful. I did not get through half of the dives,” Henderson said. “I was all over the place and I just knew I needed to calm down. And my last three dives were really scary dives, so I just had to kind of take a breath and check out.”

Pol didn’t advance but If his progression is anything like Henderson’s, he could be competing in the regional meet next year.

Finishing closer to 10th and 1st as a freshman, Henderson finished second Thursday, securing a bid at the Region III meet Feb. 3 in Frisco.

“Aubrey is one that if she doesn’t get it right, she continues to push and try,” coach Claudia Sunday said. “She’s always looking at ways to improve. And that’s going from zero to finishing second with a very impressive dive list.”