Wrestlers make the podium at state


Courtesy of @Redhawkswrestle

Senior James Ethan Harris with his 4th place finish at the UIL 5A State meet. After working toward this goal for four years, Harris feels this is an accomplishment.

Haley Ward, Sports Editor

Four Redhawks wrestlers, seniors James-Ethan Harris, William Redden, Mercede Alvarez and junior Taylor Clapp competed in the UIL 5A state meet on Friday and Saturday with three wrestlers finishing on the podium.

“The athletes that we took to state did fantastic and I am proud of their efforts and accomplishments,” co-head coach Justin Koons said. “Getting to state is a battle in itself. In the four we took to the state tournament, three made their way onto the podium. The hardest thing for a wrestler to sometimes understand is how incredibly hard it is to be a state champ and that being top six in the state is incredible.”

Working four years for this moment, senior James Ethan Harris saw a fourth place finish at state.

“At first I was disappointed because I worked so hard to get first,” Harris said. “But after a while I came to a realization that there are thousands of people who would trade places just to be at the state tournament. Wrestling is brutal in a way that you can put so much effort into it and receive nothing. I am grateful for my placement and happy for my other two teammates that placed as well. This season was an all or nothing season. It was the grand finale, where all of my hardships I had endured while wrestling would pay off. I have learned many life skills from this season and will never forget those moments.”

Senior William Redden found his way to the podium with a fifth place finish.

“My reaction was just feeling really happy and proud of all the hard work I put in,” Redden said. “What this season meant to me was making every moment count because I’ll never get this opportunity back. Also, I’ll never forget all the memories I made with the team.”

Earning the title of state runner up, Alvarez finished second.

“This year has been nothing short of amazing,” Koons said. “The way the team has conducted themselves throughout this year has been incredible. We won a ton of matches, brought home some hardware, but the biggest accomplishment, and how I gauge our team, is the amount of compliments that we received from coaches and parents throughout the season on how we presented and conducted ourselves. It’s not what’s done on the mat that matters most, but what happens before and after. Being humble, having character, and being leaders. All of that has made this year very special.”