Featured Athlete: Sophia Chamberlain


Provided by Sophia Chamberlain

Wingspan’s featured athlete for 2/23 is varsity soccer player senior Sophia Chamberlain.

Wingspan: When did you start playing soccer? 

Chamberlain: “I started playing soccer 7 or 8 years ago just because I needed something to do.”

Wingspan: Did you know that you would continue soccer long term? 

Chamberlain: “I just wanted to try it just to try it. I didn’t know that soccer would make such a big impact on my life.”

I didn’t know that soccer would make such a big impact on my life,

— senior Sophia Chamberlain

Wingspan: What has been your favorite part of playing soccer at liberty? 

Chamberlain: “Definitely the environment, it hasn’t only been about soccer, we have so much fun together. I have met so many people that I will be friends with forever!”

Wingspan: Has your senior season been your best season of soccer thus far? 

Chamberlain: “Yes, especially because it’s my last season ever playing soccer and I know my friends and I will be playing our hearts out and creating amazing memories together.”

Wingspan: What are you looking forward to for senior night? 

Chamberlain: “I can’t wait for senior night because it’s really focused on us like our journeys leading up to this and what the future holds of us seniors. And of course hopefully making it to the playoffs.”