Soccer stops short


Michael Martin

Both the girls’ and boys’ teams were shot down in their last games walking away unsuccessful. The boys’ came close with a 2-1 loss while the girls’ were defeated 4-0.

Addy Schick, Assistant Sports Editor

The Independence Knights got the best of the boys’ and girls’ soccer teams on Friday, with the boys losing 2-1, and the girls 4-0. 

“It was a tough game all around,” girls’ head coach Kyle Beggs said. “It just seemed like it wasn’t clicking on the night, and unfortunately, that’s just how games can go sometimes. The important thing when that happens is that you keep working hard and keep trying to do the right things.”

Senior Sophia Chamberlain agrees with Beggs, saying the team just wasn’t a team that night.

“I think we definitely could have showed more of who we are as a team,” Chamberlain said. “It was a bit individualistic, but when we had good passing, we looked really good together. We definitely could have played as a team more, but we’re going to come back and win against Emerson.”

The boys’ team had a better chance at getting a win, but fell short at the end. 

“It obviously wasn’t the result we were looking for,” senior Dylan Ndagala said. “Things started off well, but we lost our focus and composure towards the end. These actions ultimately cost us a playoff position which was a major goal for our season.”

Although they will not be headed to the playoffs, the boys still have three more regular season games and hope to improve.

“As a team, a thing we can all work on doing better is eliminating the small mistakes that could give us a big consequence, such as goals conceded, which gave away the game in general,” Ndagala said. “We are a hard-working team, and in the future, we plan on fixing those little mistakes.”