The AP exam countdown

A quick study guide on how to prepare for college level tests

Study guide books are just one of the recommended ways students can study for AP exams that begin May 2.

Olivia Kirklin

Study guide books are just one of the recommended ways students can study for AP exams that begin May 2.

Olivia Kirklin, Staff Reporter

As the school year ends, the stress of taking AP exams begins. Throughout the month of May, many students will be taking AP exams in science, English, math, and history. With a little more than a week until exams begin, it’s crunch time for some students and knowing how to study can be for a passing grade.

“Make sure you start by preparing to not just study in your head,” AP teacher Travis McNair said. “Begin with a pen or typing and use the method of thinking on the page.”

One option to begin the studying process is right in the classroom. AP classes are designed to mimic the rigorous workload given to college students through immense amounts of practice problems and study guides.

“To be honest, I would say studying starts from day one of the course,” junior Austin Satrio said. “You have to stay involved in the course and always review work from the beginning of the year so you don’t forget past units.”

Studying outside of school can be just as important. Although preparing for the many types of exams can completely differ, taking practice exams can help to increase the chance of success in any subject by helping students know where they stand.

“I highly recommend that students take any mock exams that are offered by their teachers,” AP Language teacher Chad Doty said. “Although these are often offered at inconvenient times, they are one of the best ways to prepare for the exam since they force students to work under rigid time constraints.”

Aside from a fast paced class structure and testing environment, students can prepare on their own through online practice questions and store bought test booklets. Websites such as College Board help students to understand what an AP exam is and how it can affect your college career.

“I think AP exams are worth it,” junior Elizabeth Bouseman said. “I’d rather work on my own studying and pay just a little bit to take the exam than pay thousands at college for the class. It really helps you to be prepared for the college rigor ahead of time.”