Moving from the UK to the US

Freshman Max Nield is one of the many new students to the school.

Kasey Harvey

Freshman Max Nield is one of the many new students to the school.

Kasey Harvey, Guest Contributor

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Frisco ISD attracts people from all over the world. Freshman, Max Nield has lived here for three years and has had his fair share of variety. Wingspan wanted to get a better look at life outside of the U.S., so we sat down with Nield to find out more.

Wingspan: Where did you move from?

Nield: “I moved from Surrey, England, south of London.”

Wingspan: How long have you lived here?

Nield: “I’ve been in America over three years now.”

Wingspan: What is the biggest difference between the school systems?

Nield: “In England we start two years earlier and we don’t have a middle school. It goes from elementary to high school. High School is all the way until 10th, it goes from about 5th to 10th. Then you go to college.”

Wingspan: Is there a university in there?

Nield: “Yeah but normally how it works is you go to college and university additional.”

Wingspan: How are people in England different compared to Texas?

Nield: “They are really the same. People say things differently here than they would in England like just from how you word things. That’s really the main difference.”

Wingspan: What are the greatest things about Texas that wasn’t in England?

Nield: “It’s a lot of more green in England. It’s nice to see giant skylines.”

Wingspan: Where have you visited around the U.S.?

Nield: “We’ve gone to New York, I’ve gone to Arkansas, and Texas.”

Wingspan: Do you keep in touch with family and friends in England?

Nield: “Yeah, I Skype a lot. So I skype every weekend.”

Wingspan: How often do you travel back to England?

Nield: “Every two years, I’m going this Christmas.”

Wingspan: What do you do in your spare time?

Nield: “I swim a lot. If not, I’m watching movies.”

Wingspan: Where do you swim?

Nield: “I have a pool in my backyard. I also have this site that allows me to do waterpolo.”

Wingspan: Do you do that competitively?

Nield: “Not lately because I have had to move around a little bit going to new schools. So I’m probably going to get back into it.”

Wingspan: Have you always been in Frisco ISD for the 3 years?

Nield: “No I used to be in LISD.”

Wingspan: What are the pros and cons about living in Texas?

Nield: “Pros is probably the heat. The cons is the food is far too big. It’s too much to eat. We share meals in our family with 2 big plates. It’s unbearable to see people eat these giant meals.”

Wingspan: Do you think your life has changed for the better since you moved to here?

Nield: “Yes, it has been great moving here. I’ve really enjoyed it. It’s just been an enjoyable experience.”

Wingspan: What brought you here?

Nield: “My dad got a job promotion and we moved to America.”

Wingspan: Can you describe your life in England?

Nield: “I lived nearby to my school, so I walked to school everyday. We’d go to the coast because we lived nearby. We’d go swimming near the coast. I would get my school work done and I’d go off swimming or doing whatever with friends. It was very simplistic and then we moved to America. It stayed that way.”

Wingspan: Are the schools more competitive here?

Nield: “I think so. The schools are competitive back in England. It’s more of a case that it’s not as competitive because you can find a job if you need it. Here, I think there is less jobs for the mass population.”