No themes for Red Ribbon Week

Redhawk Rants will be used to raise awareness about drug abuse.

Megan Lin

Redhawk Rants will be used to raise awareness about drug abuse.

Melody Tavallaee, Guest Contributor

It’s Red Ribbon Week on campus with time devoted to help raise more awareness of the harms and dangers associated with drugs and drug abuse. Many schools observe this week with theme days where students dress up in costumes, but counselor Andrea Douglas believes that this is the wrong approach towards this important week.

“Unfortunately, sometimes in high school the true message gets lost in the funny dress up days,” Douglas said. “We will be using the Redhawk Rants this year to reinforce positive character traits and healthy coping skills throughout the year.”

The week’s main goal is to stop drug use as a whole. Recent studies show that 23.6% of 12th grade high school students have used illicit drugs.

“The Red Ribbon Week campaign is designed to create awareness concerning the problems related to the use of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs,” Douglas said. “To support the decision to live a drug-free lifestyle.”

In addition to attempting to end drug abuse, the week is also devoted to increase students’ knowledge and education about drugs, something schools believe is important for teens to be aware of while at such an influential age.

“Substance abuse prevention programs need to keep active in educating teens about the dangers of all types of drugs,” Douglas said. “Misconceptions that some drugs are safer than others can lead to dangerous consequences.”

Douglas not only believes that this week is important for each individual here on campus, but also thinks that it is necessary to connect the entire school as whole to help end drug abuse.

“The most effective prevention programs focus on strengthening students’ ‘sense of community,’ or connection, to school,” Douglas said. “Research has shown that this sense of community has been key to reducing drug use, violence, and mental health problems, while promoting academic motivation and achievement.”