HOSA competes in area


HOSA will be competing in the area competition Friday and Saturday in hopes of advancing to state.

Megan Lin , Editor-in-chief

HOSA members will be competing against other schools in the area competition Friday and Saturday at Centennial High School.

“We all come together in Frisco, Frisco is actually hosting it and have different competitions ranging from pharmacology to emergency medical technology to health care, things like that,” sponsor Stephen Friar said. “They’re all various health care avenues but they compete against them and try to advance in the top three, make it down to state.”

In an event such as Health Education, students have to create an lesson plan that teaches students about a health issue.

“We chose to talk about sleep deprivation,” sophomore Haniah Bashir said. “We created a presentation that discussed what sleep deprivation is and how to achieve a good quality of sleep. We also had activities and review games implemented in our presentation.”

Although the process took lots of planning for the students, it yielded good results according to Bashir.

“Preparing for the competition was a lot of tedious work,” Bashir said. “But I feel proud of what my partner and I have accomplished.”

The students are hoping for repeated success from past years.

“Some members have been preparing for a year or so or longer for their specific event because traditionally, Liberty’s done really well in regards to not just Frisco ISD but for the state and HOSA,” Friar said. “So they know there is a big standard to uphold and so people have been really trying hard and studying and putting forth extra hours on them to make sure they can compete and advance.”