Band takes final steps for leadership positions

Ian LaPerre and Wade Glover

Ian LaPerre, WTV Staff Reporter

Band leadership auditions start Thursday and finish Friday.

These auditions will determine which students will be the drum majors, section leaders, and squad leaders of the marching band next season.

Any student who’s going to be in the band next year can try out for drum major, but only sophomores and juniors can try out for section and squad leader.

Being a squad or section leader requires a student to be able to lead some or all students who play the same instrument as them on the marching field, and to teach other students how to march.

Being a drum major requires a student to lead the entire band through the show and keep them in time.

The audition process takes two days, and will require students to prove their leadership abilities, marching skill, and ability to conduct in time.

The ultimate goal is to  find students who will lead the marching band to success next season and help take them to the state marching competition.