Juniors only night prepares students for college


Divya Murali

The "Just for Juniors" night at Wakeland High School was designed to provide information to juniors such as those in Alyssa Webb's AP U.S. History class with information regarding the college application process.

Marisa Uddin, WTV Staff Reporter

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Frisco ISD hosted a “Just for Juniors” night for students and parents of the Class of 2018 on Wednesday night at Wakeland. The presentation gave students and their families the opportunity to learn about the overall college application process.

“I think that it is very important to learn about the college application process as a junior,” junior Christian Santosa said. “College applications are usually submitted in the first semester of senior year, and if you do not know how to fill out the application then it becomes very troublesome.”

Juniors received tips and strategies from college admissions representatives. The guest panel consisted of representatives from 11 colleges and universities such as Mississippi State University, University of Oklahoma, and University of Texas at Dallas.

“It is a great event with lots of information,” counselor Staci Stokes said. “It’s definitely very beneficial for juniors and their families who are beginning the college search and application process.”