NHS Induction Wednesday

Rehearsal Tuesday after school

Applications for students wishing to join NHS and ISM are due Friday.

Applications for students wishing to join NHS and ISM are due Friday.

Reem Khan, Guest Contributor

2017-2018 National Honors Society members are preparing for their induction ceremony on Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. in the auditorium.

Students are attending a rehearsal Tuesday after school to ensure they’re ready for the actual ceremony.

We want the kids to know the formal process for induction, where they’re sitting, where to go, as well as other things prior to the date so things can run smoothly for the actual ceremony,” NHS co-sponsor Amber Bennett said.

The induction ceremony serves as a reminder for new members of the values expected of them while in the organization.

Being a member of Liberty National Honor Society is a great accomplishment,” NHS officer Amy Zhang said. “Each member should represent NHS’s values by being respectful, having integrity, and leading by example which will also reflect on their attributes.”

Despite the expectations, many new members are willing to uphold NHS’s standards and begin their first year in the club.

“I’m so excited for the National Honors Society Induction Ceremony,” sophomore Ria Bhasin said. “I think it is something great that we all get to be a part of and, personally, I am looking forward to dressing up and getting inducted into the club.”