Technology upgrades being installed

Walker Shippy

Walker Shippy, WTV Staff Reporter

The 2017-2018 school year will start off strong with teachers getting new equipment in a variety of classes.

This upcoming school year, a variety of classrooms will be stocked with new equipment to support online and technology related projects in the classroom as part of the district’s technology refreshment program in which every five to seven years old technology is replaced with more current equipment.

Classes like TV Broadcast and Yearbook will be getting new Macs, cameras, and equipment to help their production of media in class.

In addition all classrooms throughout the school will also receive new projectors and document cameras with new printers being installed in the library, hallways and teacher’s classrooms.

Teacher computers will also be replaced, including all laptops in the library.

Some of the new equipment has already been installed with the rest expected to be in place shortly after graduation on June 3.