Movies and music inspire art project


Reem Khan

Movies such as “Suicide Squad” are the inspiration for art one students as they combine popular culture with techniques they have learned throughout the year.

Reem Khan, Guest Contributor

Art 1 students are participating in a project in which they create posters featuring scenes or characters from their favorite movie or band.

This specific project in essence sums up many of the projects we have done this year,” Art 1 teacher Fred Rodriguez said. “My goal for this project is to get students to use past knowledge of, color theory, lettering, and compositions for this project.”

This particular project gives students freedom in choosing what they want their artwork to feature.

“I also wanted to have something the students can be excited about and I know music and movies/tv shows are huge inspirations for students,” Rodriguez said. “This is different from other projects in that we will be mixing both paint and color pencils together in one piece, we have never done this type of mixed media so far in this course.”

The project combines the use of water colors as well as colored pencil, allowing students to add more depth to their artwork.

“I think that it is great that we get to combine our water painting skills with colored pencil,” sophomore Rihab Bsoul said. “The combination of both creates a cool contrast and I also enjoy that we get to experiment with different skills and create a unique work of art out of our own perspective.”

This project is one of the few projects left for the remainder of the school year for the Art 1 students.

“I’m happy that students are given the freedom to choose what band or movie poster they want to make because it allows them to utilize tools and skills they have learned throughout the year freely across their artwork,” sophomore Jazlyn Ruiz said. ”It also helps them apply their own ideas into their artwork and possible encourage them to go above and beyond the standards and challenge their artistic abilities.”