CBE deadline Monday

Students wishing to take a Credit by Exam must register by Monday.

Maddie Owens

Students wishing to take a Credit by Exam must register by Monday.

Lucas Barr, Staff Reporter

For students hoping to earn a credit through a Credit by Exam test, registration closes Monday.

“Most students take CBE’s to advance through a subject,” counselor Andrea Douglas said. “However, some students may take a CBE to recover a credit for a course they have failed.”

Students who believe they are prepared are eligible to take a CBE in a list of available courses including sciences, English, foreign languages, math and more.

“For students wanting to advance through math or a foreign language it can help free up room in their schedule and allow them to get to an advanced course more quickly,” Douglas said.

Scores on CBE exams do not contribute to a student’s GPA with those taking a test for acceleration needing a score of at least 80 percent to earn credit.

“I typically do not encourage students to CBE out of a course,” Douglas said. “It does depend on the subject. If a student is very proficient in math or foreign language and is trying to get into an advanced course, that would be acceptable. However, some colleges do not want students to advance through courses. An example would be English. Since we only have four English classes, a college would discourage a student from missing an entire year of English.”

As far as languages other than English, students can earn their foreign language credits through French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, or German CBEs.

“CBE gives you a chance to be able to get ahead and it really heaps because you get credit for what you studied for,” freshman Tiffany Truong said. “It basically lets you study at a higher level instead of being behind.”

Testing is hosted at Centennial High School on various days in the beginning of August.

“You can take care of required credits that can help free up time in your schedule for a class in a future career you want to pursue,” freshman Mia Choi said. “It won’t have any effect on your GPA.

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