Changes mark the start of school year


Neha Perumalla

A large percentage of the student body use the school buses as a means of transportation to and from school.

Megan Lin, Editor-in-chief

The 2017-2018 school year kicked off Monday with some notable changes. Wingspan will go into detail in the coming weeks on many of these, but here’s a quick look at the most noteworthy ones.

New administrators

Former associate principal Ashley Rainwater is replaces Scott Warstler’s as head of the school. Jon-Eric Zaier, serving last names A-B is the new associate principal and Fern Bamfo-Addo is the new assistant principal serving last names C-E.

Pay to play

Athletes will have to pay a $200 fee to play their respective sports due to a shortfall in the Frisco ISD budget.

Pay to park

Students who drive to school must obtain a parking permit and pay a $25 fee per semester.

Advisory period

The bell schedule has a new advisory period that will begin Monday, Aug. 28. During the 25 minute period, students can attend tutorials, club meetings, work on schoolwork, or relax in the cafeteria.