Review: Lita’s mixes it up


Avery Nolden

Lita’s La Mexicana is a rare fusion restaurant of Tex-Mex and Indian food styles.

Prachurjya Shreya, Staff Reporter

People don’t typically associate Tex-Mex with Indian food, but at Lita’s La Mexicana, they feature a Tex-Mex Indian Fusion. Offering chicken tikka tacos as a non-vegetarian option and paneer paradise as a vegetarian option, all the items on their menu offer a very authentic Mexican take along with multiple fusion options.

Upon walking in, there is a friendly hostess standing behind a podium waiting to seat customers. After sitting down, the waitress starts the table with a complimentary salsa trio and chips. The salsa they offer takes an unique take on the traditional salsa bursts with flavor. If one wants to try another variety of salsas, the waitress will bring you another trio and basket of tortilla chips.


One of the featured items on the menu is chicken tikka tacos. This mouth-watering dish contains two flour tortillas with chicken and tikka seasoning. Every dish comes with a side of rice and beans, which is very fulfilling with the tacos.

Another featured item on the menu for vegetarians is the vegetable fajitas. This item is the more authentic take on Mexican food. The item comes with a platter of vegetables and tortillas. Along with that there is a side of guacamole and chopped tomatoes.The dish can easily fill up two people. The seasoning used to add flavor to the vegetables is has a distinct taste but

This may be one of the most interesting and flavorful fusion places I have been to. The prices may be on the higher end, but the quality of food and the gracious customer service is incomparable.