Thursday party to match Best Buddies

Jordan Klein

Jordan Klein, WTV Staff Reporter

Best Buddies is hosting its annual matching party Thursday after school in the cafeteria.

At the party, members will participate in a variety of games and activities, as well as revealing matches.

During the matching reveal, peer buddies will be paired up with the buddy they were assigned to based on best fit.

Not only that, but associate family members will be matched with a pair as well.

Revealing the matches at the party allows for a more personal start to the friendship.

“It’s more intimate rather than just sending a text or an email or a remind,” co-president Gouri Nair states. “That’s just like the beginning of a life-long friendship you know, or like at least a year long friendship ideally and it’s just setting the stage for what’s to come.”

Reporting for WTV, I’m Jordan Klein.