High Five Friday seeks to spread good vibes


Divya Murali

Pulse vice president Wade Glover and cheerleader Peyton Leonard welcome senior Noah Servigon with a high five on the second High Five Friday.

Aliza Porter, Staff Reporter

Walking into the school Friday meant high fives for many, as it was the return of High Five Friday. Taking place the second Friday of every month, the event is an attempt to spread good vibes across campus.

“The purpose of High Five Friday is to start the day with some positivity and some energy,” counselor Staci Stokes. “Students and staff interacting with each other and kind of just starting the day with a good vibe.”

High Five Friday is open to all, but one group is leading the effort to make it something everyone gets involved with.

“Pulse is heavily involved in High Five Friday,” senior Rishik Ram said. “We will be playing music in the hallways to increase the hype. Friday is the most exciting day of the week, so we should celebrate. We are trying to incorporate our mascot, cheerleaders, and more people into this event. As an officer, I’ll make sure to get the whole school involved in partaking in this great event.”

An event new to campus this year, Stokes believes High Five Friday has the potential to create more connections and friendships among the student body.

“I’m super excited about it,” Stokes said. “We got a lot of really good feedback after the first High Five Friday a couple of weeks ago. It’s just really nice to see students interacting with each other, smiling, giving each other high fives and it’s a just positive way to start the day.”

Research has shown high fives can be an easy way to show encouragement, seal a deal, or greet somebody without having to say a word.

“I personally love the event and I strongly believe High-Five Fridays have had an amazing impact on our campus,” Ram said. “Seeing the joyful expressions and smiles on our students and staff as they receive a high-five and look at our posters lets us know we’ve helped their Friday get off to a great start. Although this event only happens on Friday, I believe it serves as a reminder of happiness to our students and staff. I believe when people are having a hard time, they remember High-Five Friday, and use it to persevere past their obstacles. We will continue to improve this cheerful event to become better every week.”