Teaching students, learning from each other

Megan Lin, Editor-in-chief

Although assistant principals are usually the ones that do observations in classrooms, teachers got the opportunity as well Thursday with Liberty Learning Walk Day. Teachers took their conference period to watch their colleagues teach and hopefully gain new insight.

New associate principal Jon-Eric Zaier brought the concept from Coppell ISD, and plans on holding it again in the spring.

“I thought it was really cool, it gave us an opportunity to visit other subjects like outside of just like what we teach,” physics teacher Christine Rittenhouse said. “Even just like off the wall things, like I teach science and going to see the humanities class-it was really different, the setup was different. One of the cool things about it was I saw some ideas that I would be able to apply in my classroom, just stuff that I didn’t think about before.”

Even though PreAP precalculus and PreAP geometry teacher Kelli Duckworth did not do the walking, she believes it was beneficial either way.

“I think in general what people will gain from this is being able to see different teaching styles, different applications, different ways to do things in the classroom,” Duckworth said “Unfortunately, I didn’t get to go on the walk but it was cool having teachers feel comfortable to come into your room and see you teach and see a different atmosphere.”

Teachers were given a link to submit their feedback about the day for future Walk Days.

“I would say maybe next time it would better if teachers came in groups,” Duckworth said. “I had like teachers coming at all different times throughout my class, which is a little distracting for students, if they’re constantly coming in and out.”