Newest AP class takes students deep into research

Minuki Medis

Minuki Medis, WTV Staff Reporter

While most classes on campus have strict curriculums and projects, AP Research hits schoolwork from a different angle.

AP Research is a class taught by Kacie Smith, where each student has the opportunity to choose a subject that they are interested in and delve deeper into their own personal research.

AP research is a class where we pick our own research topic and go down that path for the rest of the year, and we draft our own research question and we end up gathering data on it, whether it’s through experiments or observational studies, and then we end up making a conclusion about it,” senior Sourya Narala. “Overall, it’s a pretty long process, but it’s really fun. I think it’s a good step towards college, because in college you are going to be drafting a lot of research papers and this is a good step in that direction”

Aside from research the class provides an AP credit, but according to Smith, it provides a lot more.

“It teaches you the 3 biggest main skills, and that’s why College board asked for there to be this class and um it teaches you how to research, obviously in the name of the class, it teaches you how to present, and then it teaches you how to write,” AP Research teacher Kacie Smith said. “It is kind-of a weird AP class as far as it is a AP class for everybody in that like usually if it a AP class, like APUSH or AP Lang where you go to it because you are really good in that subject, but this is kind-of a class for everybody, as in you take it to help you learn those specific skills and it can be on any kind-of interest that you want. So we have kids who are doing projects or research questions over break dancing, and then there’s Disney movies, and there’s traffic patterns and all kinds of stuff.”

This is Minuki Medis reporting for Wingspan TV.