Songs of winter to fill the cafeteria Thursday


Caitlyn Kleibert

Prior to Thursday’s winter concert, choir students spent class time rehearsing a variety of songs to be performed in the cafeteria starting at 7 p.m.

Brooke Colombo and Olivia Howard

Bringing some holiday spirit to the school, choir is putting on a free winter concert Thursday at 7 p.m. in the cafeteria.

Choir director Bruce Stevenson, has been hard at work for months and making sure that this concert will be enjoyable for all audience members.

“The choir has been working on these pieces since about late September to mid-October, so [we’ve had] about two months to get it all ready and prepared,” Stevenson said. “It takes a lot of time to learn the notes and feel confident in the notes, and then put the musical aspect into it. I’ve found a variety of music that are from different time periods and different parts of the world.”

The concert will include many unique songs to appeal to a wide audience and make the concert more enjoyable. Many of the pieces are variations of classic holiday music, but some will be foreign to the audience.

“I’ve found a variety of music that are from different time periods and different parts of the world,” Stevenson said. “We have also been working on a song called the 12 Days After Christmas instead on the 12 Days of Christmas just to be a bit more humorous and as a spin off.”

However, Stevenson hasn’t been the only one putting in many hours to bring the concert together.

“We try to compile as much singing into the class period as possible to prepare for upcoming events and make sure that our pitches match,” freshmen Julia Votano said. “With all of the practice we are reminded to take breaks and make sure that our vocal chords are well rested.”

While choir already had a concert in the fall, the winter concert will be the show choir’s debut for the year.

“I feel confident about our first performance because there are a lot of great people and we all work really well together,” junior Annabel Rejzovic. “Show choir is different from regular choir because we sing more contemporary and pop pieces. Show choir has been working on Christmas songs like All I Want For Christmas Is You and Christmas Time Is Here.”